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Life, on the contrary, is not short. Close your eyes for 5 minutes and travel with it in a million different directions. Wake up, and live a million different lives, a million different days.


Until soon,



I was conceived in a dream catcher
Three hundred and ten years ago, today
In the corridor of a sullen plantation
With an eviction notice tapped to the porch where my siblings slept
I watched from the womb my grandfather mixing sassafras with his knuckles
His grey nights
His swollen dreams
His polished eyes
I was born on a Sunday
When all the workers clapped drums
And danced my arrival.




Traveling brings about a stunning level of clarity and assurance that your ego is unimportant and bogus. We are small but also interconnected and useful as a whole. We are important and vital to each other yet we owe a substantial amount of love, care and respect to self.

Travel more. Even in your mind.


Until soon,


Decision made. Fast will be extended for 10 days to make a complete 50 day journey. Following my fast I will be joining my Muslim friends and family members celebrating Ramadan. I reached this point where I want to continue not eating although I know this is unrealistic. I feel light and free and energetic and vibrant.


Until soon,